Internal Demolitions

We use modern technology to quickly and safely do internal demolitions.

We specialise in internal demolition for the refurbishment of commercial, industrial, education, hospitality, and healthcare.

With many years of experience in this industry, we guarantee that we will deliver quality work that will impress you within a strict timeline.

Floor Covering Removal

Are you planning to refurbish your floor? If yes, then you need to remove the old floor covering. Our team specialise in removing all types of floor covering in commercial and residential buildings.

Whether it is at a restaurant, hospital, kitchen, or bathroom, we guarantee that our experienced and skilled team will remove and strip down all types of floor covering.

Our machines are 100% electric, meaning that noise is reduced significantly.

Our team will not disturb you when removing floor coverings from your property. Our floor covering machines are super quiet but very effective.

Amenities Strip Outs

We have a professional approach to amenities strip outs. Our skilled team will take it apart just as it was put together.

We have developed efficient processes and safe work practices that allow us to perform amenities strip outs fast and efficiently.